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pakilia wirkt! e. V. is a non-profit organization for the promotion of development, art & culture, equality and nature conservation with a focus on Mexico. Our work includes the professionalization of silversmiths families and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, as well as investments in the further training of women and the development of sustainable future prospects for children. In addition, we help people in acute emergencies and provide long-term, sustainable support after natural disasters.

Find out more about our work here or visit us on Instagram and Facebook.



pakilia works! eV emerged from the Fairtrade jewelry company pakilia, which has been selling Fairtrade silver jewelry from Taxco in close cooperation with over 20 local silversmiths families and under fair conditions since 2012. The word pakilia comes from the Aztec language Náhuatl and means "to give joy". With pakilia wirkt! eV we would like to give something back to the country and its people and especially to support disadvantaged groups. Behind pakilia wirkt! eV there are young and highly motivated team members who share the enthusiasm and passion for Mexico. Many of our members lived in Mexico for some time and were able to immerse themselves in Mexican culture and tradition. We got to know and appreciate the Mexicans and their culture.

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