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Our partner organization in Tlamacazapa

Atzin is a non-profit organization that works since 1997 in Tlamacazapa, a big town near Taxco. They work closely with families, that have been affected. from extreme poverty. 

Atzin's program is based on the principles of social inclusivity as well as environmental and economic sustainability.

A central element of the diverse project work is the training of young local women who, with Atzin's support, act as local mentors in there village. The mentors are active in various programs that  focus on basic need such as education, nutrition, water and health



The village of Tlamacazapa has no connection to the local water network. The residents therefore have to obtain their usable water from cisterns which, according to Atzin's laboratory studies, are contaminated with heavy metals. As a result, there is a "silent crisis of slow poisoning" that has seriously dangerous effects on health. Atzin tries to counteract this with health programs - for example the " Motlan Dental and Oral Health Program ", which provides free basic dental health for children under the age of 13.


Especially in times of the Corona crisis, the members did and still do impressive work on site, which has already been recognized by the Global Huminitarian Award . This includes both health prevention and education, as well as monitoring and advising positive cases. This video contains more information about Atzin’s work against the virus.

Atzin Mexico and its sister organization Atzin Canada are registered charities with no political or religious affiliation. In working with Atzin, we want to make a difference for the people in and around Taxco.


Dieses Video enthält mehr Informationen über die Arbeit Atzins gegen das Virus.

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