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Challenges and coping strategies in times of the corona crisis


Our close cooperation with people from Taxco shows us again and again that the lockdown has far more dramatic effects elsewhere in the world than in Germany. In Mexico, over half of the working population is employed in the informal sector and therefore has no access to social security systems. Most people don't have savings and there are hardly any opportunities to switch to other field of work during lockdown. In this short video, pakilia silversmith Luz Amalia impressively explains how the pandemic affects artisans. It is therefore very important to our parent organization, pakilia Silberschmuck, to continuously place orders in Mexico, even in times of falling sales figures, in order to provide local partners with work and a steady income.



Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the education system in Mexico was characterized by educational injustice and underfunding. However, the corona crisis has created additional challenges: schools and universities in Mexico have been closed since March and there is no meaningful, structured distance learning. A poor infrastructural connection, non-existent materials and the inability of many parents to teach their children from home pose great challenges to the current learning situation of young people. Within families, many boys and girls are mainly in rural areas and due to the lack of school everyday, they are increasingly exposed to existing problems such as domestic violence and alcoholism among men.



In order to still offer young people a safe space to learn and to support their personal development, we not only work directly in Atzin's educational program , but also offer English lessons for interested and disadvantaged children, adolescents and young adults in Taxco. The focus here is to teach them the language, for an intercultural exchange, and also basic learning strategies and promoting independent thinking and reflection. Specially in these uncertain times, it is important for us to continue actively promoting future opportunities for young people and to support them on their personal path.

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